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About the awards

Welcome to the World GM Awards!

Our annual awards ceremony recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of General Managers (GMs) from around the world who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and customer service.

In addition to healthcare, finance, technology, manufacturing, and retail, we receive hundreds of nominations every year. Several criteria are used to select the winners of the award, including financial performance, customer satisfaction scores, and community involvement. A panel of industry experts reviews the nominations and selects the winners.

We hope you will join us in celebrating GMs' outstanding contributions at this year's awards ceremony, which is a highlight of the year for GMs and their teams.

We look forward to seeing you at the World GM Awards!



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Nominate for year 2023

Nominate your company or an organization you admire for the GM Awards Now. Let's recognize and celebrate the best GM in the world!

Few of Our Nominees - 2023

Kolter Hospitality

GIL Reyes

Adarsha Palace Hotel

Narottam Roy

Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Thomas Brugnatelli


Yanko Krastev

The Ascott Limited (Somerset Westview Nairobi)

Ashwin Vijayasekar

Pepperclub Hotel

Efi Ella

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates

Slim Zaiane

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & SPA and Marriott Cancun Resort

Christopher Calabrese

Centara Mirage Resort Mui Ne

Celine Ngo

A1 Properties LLC

Zlatina Tina Tzoneva

Casa Broadway - A Boutique Hotel

Pranesh Deb

Winning Levels

Let tomorrow begin today

There are Three levels of achievement in the Best of Best Awards competition based on various factors such as Points, Votes, Clients locations, Company's presence in multiple locations & etc.

  • Arabian Region Level Winner
  • Country Level Winner
  • City Level Winner
Today, Tomorrow, Together.

Nominate for year 2023

Nominate your company or an organization you admire for the GM Awards Now. Let's recognize and celebrate the best GM in the world!

Why GM Awards

companies / businesses who go beyond ordinary to satisfy clients and provide exceptional services or products. These legends deserve to be recognized in their respective Industry. Selected as winners

Frequently Asked Questions

The free Nomination plan allows you to nominate in any one award program per year under city level category

Note : You are obliged to order any one of the Winner package if you become a winner under the complimentary nomination plan.

Under Free complimentary Nomination, you can Participate in any one of the award programs in City level, PER YEAR
  1. International Travel Awards
  2. International GM Awards
  3. International Dining Awards
  4. International Spa & Beauty Awards
  5. World Salon Awards
  6. World LifeStyle Awards
  7. World Real Estate Excellence Awards
  8. Arabian Best of Best Awards
  9. Asia Best of Best Awards
  10. Europe Best of Best Awards
  11. America Best of Best Awards
  12. Oceania Best of Best Awards
  13. International Technology Awards
  14. Global Tourism Award
  15. World CEO Awards
  16. World GM Awards
  17. Golden Employer Awards

We offer 1 Complimentary nomination to participate at World GM Awards.

If you are interested to Nominate in more than one award or Nominate your company individuals such as General Manager, Directors, Managers, HR Director, PR / Marketing Director, Sales Director then you are required to upgrade to Premium nomination plan

Please have a look at the premium nomination plan inclusions and benefits at https://worldgmawards.com/fee-cost-involved
General Managers across the world from all industry are eligible to nominate into World GM Awards

If you wish to nominate your company individual for the World GM awards then you are required to upgrade your nomination to the premium nomination package.

Please refer the free & premium nominees package pricing and inclusions at https://worldgmawards.com/fee-cost-involved
Participating at World GM Awards is Free. We offer 1 Nomination per year in City level, on a complimentary basis.

Note :
You are obliged to order any of the winner package if you become one of the winner if you opt for a complimentary nomination plan.

If you are interested to nominate in multiple categories or multiple award program or country, regional level competition then you are required to upgrade to Premium plan

You can find the inclusions & benefits of the Premium Nomination plan at https://worldgmawards.com/fee-cost-involved

Free Plan benefits

  • Can participate in any one of the award program for the entire year  (out of our 17 Award programs, You can participate in only one award programs)
  • Nominate in One category
  • Nominate your company in City Level.
You are NOT eligible to use Nominee Logo, Award Logo once the voting period is completed. You are NOT allowed to create any designs / posts using our Logo.

You are obliged to order a winner package if you choose to become one of the winner.

Premium Plan benefits.

  • Participation in Multiple awards ( International Travel Awards, International Spa Awards, International Dining Awards, International GM Awards, World CEO Awards, World GM Awards, Golden Employer Awards, International Technology Awards, World Salon Awards, World LifeStyle Awards).
  • Nominate up to 3 Categories in each award
  • Nominate in City, Country & Regional level
  • Featured on our Nominees section.
  • Facebook post about your nomination
  • Instagram Post about your Nomination
  • Linkedin Post about your Nomination
  • If you become one of the winner then you will receive the following benefits.
  • Complimentary Digital Certificates 
  • Discount on Trophy, Medal & Plaque 
  • Discounts on Gala Ceremony Tickets ( if the gala ceremony is conducted )
  • Phone Support
  • Email Support
  • WhatsApp Chat Support.

If you are shortlisted as one of the winner of the award program then You are eligible to order a winner package.

Winner package helps you to promote your winning and take your branding to the next level. We have designed a variety of winner packages with lots of promotional benefits. 
The Winner package includes the following
  • RIGHTS to use World GM Awards Logo, Brand Name & Winner announcement to the public.
  • Winner Trophy
  • Winner Plaque
  • Winner Certificate - digital
  • Winner Badge - Digital
  • Website Listing Services & etc.
  • Advertisement on our Winner Magazine
  • Listing on Award Portal in winner section
  • Your Website & Social Media will be Linked at our Awards portal
  • Social Media post
Note : the inclusions are based on the winner package you buy.

Please refer to the winner package details at https://worldgmawards.com/wp-kit
We have customized different types of winner packages which suits for every winner. Please refer the winner package pricing & inclusions at https://worldgmawards.com/wp-kit
Most of our winners prefer the Diamond Package since it has exclusive marketing and branding benefits along with attractive winner materials.The price is also discounted.

The Benefits Of World GM Awards

The role of a general manager (GM) in leading a business in sectors like tourism, finance, beauty, or technology, to the best level can’t be understated. Without a visionary GM, achieving great revenue is not possible. Therefore, all general managers of different businesses, whether small-sized or not, deserve not only to be honored but globally celebrated and recognized for their exceptional contributions.

Role of Golden Tree Events in celebrating World GMs

Golden Tree Events Dubai in direct response to this, celebrates the achievements of General Managers (GMs) of different niches like tourism, finance, beauty, technology, and others across the world who have performed and demonstrated great innovation, leadership, and top-notch customer service. There are lots of general managers nominations this reputable award management company receives every year. The world GM awards are won on different criteria such as financial performance, community development, customer satisfaction grades, and more. Before an award for GM is issued, different industry experts review the general managers that are nominated. There are lots of benefits to these GM excellence awards.

Benefits of GM Awards

Different companies invest a lot towards meeting their customers' needs and satisfying them. They do this in different ways, like providing exceptional products and services, call-back services, etc. General managers of such companies deserve to be awarded and globally recognized in their different industries. Through the world GM awards offered by Golden Tree Events, the following can be achieved:

  1. Certificate to show their quality

Golden Tree Events offers every outstanding general manager that wins an award for GM a globally recognized certificate to recognize their achievements and to show their services are of great quality. You can showcase this certificate at your office. It has a lot to prove to your potential and existing customers.

  1. Global Reputation

As a general manager, you will get a huge global reach when you win any of the world GM awards provided by Golden Tree Events.

  1. Web Profile

Information about the winning general manager is made available on the Golden Tree website. This will add great value to you and credibility to your customers.

  1. More Visibility

The more people who know your business, the more chances you have in selling your products. Through Golden Tree Events, you will receive more global visibility when you win GM Excellence Awards.

  1. Networking opportunities

One of the major goals of the world GM Awards is to give exceptional general managers of different sectors networking opportunities. During the award ceremony of Golden Tree Events, lots of general managers from different sectors in different countries were around. Through this platform, you can easily build more helpful business relationships.

Final Thought

Having read the many benefits of GM awards, go ahead and nominate that general manager that has been doing exceptional work. If you are a general manager who believes he/she deserves recognition and accolades, go ahead and nominate yourself on the Golden Tree Events website. You can do that by clicking www.goldentreeevents.org.

Nominate for year 2023

Nominate your company or an organization you admire for the GM Awards Now. Let's recognize and celebrate the best GM in the world!

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