Refund Agreement

Refund Agreement

26-Dec-2022, UAE


Please read the terms and conditions of this Refund Agreement in addition to our Winner Package Terms and Conditions prior to completing and sending the Refund Form (provided below) to us at


2.1 After completing and sending us the Refund Form, you agree hereby through this reference agree that you will forego all of the following rights:
2.1.1 You shall not be entitled to utilize the Arabian Best of Best Awards logo, name, identity, and the brand intellectual property directly, indirectly, and otherwise on online or offline or printed media.
2.1.2 You cannot use the “Winner” title vested on you by us or our affiliates directly, indirectly, and otherwise on online or offline or printed media.
2.1.3 You shall not use any photos, images, videos, and similar media taken at the gala ceremony anywhere directly, indirectly, and otherwise on online or offline or printed media.
2.1.4 You shall not utilize the nominee badge, banner, or details anywhere directly, indirectly, and otherwise on online or offline or printed media.
2.1.5 In other words, you cannot use any of our intellectual property rights and all rights to use the same are reserved by us solely.
2.1.6 You are required to return all the winner package items such as trophy, medal or plaque received from us within 7 days from the refund agreement date to initiate the refund process. You are responsible for the shipping and other charges to return the items.


If you place a request for a refund, all your future participations in any of our events shall be barred without exceptions. By placing a refund request, you explicitly agree to forego your right to participate in all future events, programs, meetings, conferences, gala ceremonies organised by us.


4.1 In order to successfully place a refund request, you must complete the Refund Form and attest/sign the same with your signature and seal of your company. The same must be done by any person authorized by you to do so. The refund request will have been deemed to be placed post receipt of your request at
4.2 Please write the payment method details where you would like to receive a refund in the Refund Form correctly to receive a refund. We shall not be responsible for anything in the event any incorrect details are provided to us by you for any reason. Therefore, we urge you to recheck the Refund Form thoroughly prior to sending us the same.
4.3 The refund process will start post fifteen (15) days from the receipt of you request and may take around 30 days for you to receive your refund amount. Although we try to provide refunds within stipulated times, we shall not be responsible for any delays in providing you with a refund in the event any such delays are caused due to anything beyond our reasonable control including without limits, act of god, strikes, technical issues, outages, pandemics, epidemics, etc. We shall strive to inform you of any such delays within reasonable time.


In the event that after completion of your refund request, you find any content related to you or your company available or listed on our Platform, please notify us and our team at We will do the needful to remove any such content from our Platform within reasonable time.


Once we process your refund, you shall forego all rights to use materials listed herein and other applicable terms and conditions available on the Platform, you would have the right to utilize otherwise. You hereby through this reference agree to forego all claims against us once the refund process has been initiated by us.